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2014   2014.07.30

iqua ProLife – hygienic shower panel with valuable safety benefit

The iqua ProLife shower panel is ideal for use in correctional facilities and special institutions such as nursing homes, psychiatric clinics and rest homes. Its unusual shape with slanted surfaces on the top and on the shower head do not allow for any objects to be attached and therefore discourage suicide attempts. The anti-scalding feature and individually adjustable or 24/48-hour hygiene flush make the ProLife an extremely safe shower panel. The electronically controlled shower panel has a piezo electric start/stop button to ensure that the water flow stops reliably after showering, which minimizes water consumption.
Hygienic, ecologic and safe
The daily use of the iqua ProLife shower panel is made so easy with the Start/Stop function: the water runs and stops reliable and automatically after a pre-set time frame. This enables reduced water consumption. Additional to the 24h/48h hygiene flush it offers an optional bypass solution for thermal disinfection to further improve the hygiene standard. An integrated scalding protection makes the iqua ProLife a very safe and secure shower panel.

Technical Information:

iqua Showermaster P35PL, with electronic start/stop-button, stainless-steel

Electronically controlled shower-system with start/stop button:

  • ProLife design: sloping surfaces on top, shower head and temperature adjustment handle prevents any suicide attempts

  • Sturdy version: valve body DZR-brass

  • Housing: stainless-steel

  • Microprocessor-electronic; reliable solenoid valve (minimal level of water pressure surge)

  • Temperature adjustable with reliable thermostat; anti-scald and auto-thermic protection

  • Follow-up time adjustable with start/stop button

  • 24 or 48-hour hygienic rinse activatable with start/stop button

  • Installation only in combination with iqua connection kits

  • Battery: 6V Lithium water-proof coated; life time up to 4 years


Operating pressure: 0,3 - 10 bar

Flow rate: approx. 10 l/min.

Max. water temperature: 80° C

Filter: 0.5 mm mesh size

Follow-up time: 45 sec. pre-set (adjustable with start/stop button 2 sec. - 3 min.)

Hygienic rinse time: 45 sec. pre-set (adjustable with start/stop button 2 sec. - 3 min.)

Engineering standards: DIN EN 200


About iqua
Founded in Switzerland, iqua is one of the leading brands owned by the automated sanitary fittings manufacturer Aquis. The brand is known for driving innovation by applying new and proven technologies to improve overall hygiene, water and energy-saving and customer experience.

For more details, please contact us at (852) 3180 3330 or via email


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