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2015   2015.06.02

Antimicrobial Interior Wall Solution for Carlsberg Dali Greenfield Brewery

With the growing demand for hygiene in food and beverage processing environments across China, structures built with antimicrobial wall and flooring can prevent growth of bacteria, mould and fungi in wet and hygienically sensitive areas. Bespoke concrete bacteria control solution was successfully delivered to Carlsberg’s new brewery (Phase 1 construction) in Dali by Jebsen Building Products and Deflecta Crete Seals, as a preventive measure to tackle the common mould problem found in breweries.

Carlsberg’s new brewing plant with total gross area over 40 hectares in Dali, Yunan.

The 10 million-hectolitre brewery is located in the heart of the key industrial parks in the Yunan province. Equipped with world class infrastructure and technology, the plant construction has lived up to the international standards in terms of cleanliness and green commitment.

Deflecta delivers unique solution dedicated to combat bacteria and mould growth and hold up against demanding operating conditions.

Deflecta Antimicrobial concrete bacteria control was applied to the concrete wall of the production workshop. The clear aqueous born biocide formulation not only effective in killing 99.99% bacteria and suppressing mould growth on the surface and within the concrete matrix, but also enhances the life span of the concrete. It contributes to a substantial saving in the maintenance cost in long run. 

Deflecta strengthens the infection control by sanitising the surface and internal matrix of the concrete.

Not to mention, Deflecta Antimicrobial solution has zero VOC and VOS content, and the formulation is 100% bio-degradable, which is safe to use in the any food and beverage processing and manufacturing areas.

To enhance the solution performance, a coloured coating, Deflecta Multi Sealer, was applied on the surface as a protective layer. The solution is designed to withstand temperature up to 70°C and to prevent surface dusting, as well as to provide an option with coloured, sheen and smooth finish.

Deflecta Multi Sealer offers a coloured and clean wall surface.

The entire project from substrate preparation to the application of the final finishes only took a few weeks to complete, providing easy application and ensuring the site was returned in time for further development.

The complete lineup of Deflecta concrete bacteria control solution is designed for a wide range of industry and applicable to concrete surface for all type of manufacturing, production, warehousing and assembly line environments.


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