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2014   2014.01.07

iqua introduces new urinal control unit U18 & U28
Latest designs bring stylistic and functional elements to sanitary environment

Our principal, iqua, has introduced the new U18 and U28 touch-free, electronically controlled urinal flush valve to the market, offering a hygienic, aesthetic, and substantial water saving solution for any concealed installation at public restrooms.

Appealing Design
The U18 offers a hardened glass front plate in tasteful black or pure white, bonded to the chrome finished frame. Designers and specifiers can be assured that the chic and stylish urinal flush valves are available to match with their modern restroom design.

iqua ultra concealed urinal flush valve U18, with IR-sensor


Meanwhile, the U28 offers a harmonious combination of chrome finished frame and sturdy stainless steel front plate for sanitary surroundings. For visual appeal, a chrome colored bezel (2 mm thick) [5/64"] with an installation height of 6 mm [1/4"] fits around a stainless steel panel.


iqua IQ concealed urinal flush valve U28, with IR-sensor, chrome steel

New iqua touch function
The U18 and U28 are equipped with the new iqua touch function. The protected and vandal-proof "button" has many additional practical functions such as "Pause" for uninterrupted cleaning or "ON" to manually trigger the flush. The sensor controlled flush function can also be stopped via the "OFF" setting. The iqua touch function can also be used to set the flush time. It is simple to use and is a practical alternative to the remote control. Both models are available for battery and mains operation.

Automatic sensor calibration with programmable PCB: optimum safety
The U18 and U28 urinal control units automatically detect local conditions, eliminating the need for settings to be made during installation. The units also ensure optimum functional reliability at all times. Thanks to adaptive sensor technology, changes are detected automatically and stored on the PCB.

Simple installation options: compatible with all common systems
The U18 and U28 urinal control units are installed either with a shell set, if there is no for self-supporting installation system, or with a practical assembly system for concealed installation and dry-wall construction.

About iqua
Founded in Switzerland, iqua is one of the leading brands owned by the automated sanitary fittings manufacturer Aquis. The brand is known for driving innovation by applying new and proven technologies to improve overall hygiene, water and energy-saving and customer experience.

For more details, please contact us at (852) 3180 3330 or via email



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